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Exploring the potential advantages that Test Valley Digital could offer to a service-oriented haulage company.

Case Study
A desktop view of JLR Haulage's home page.

“I need a solution that can qualify my leads while improving brand legitimacy”


JLR Haulage




Brand Strategy, Content, Design


A solution that can filter unwanted leads while providing a sense of security and authority.


Navigating through diverse avenues of digital marketing, spanning internet advertisements to social media, one marketing channel has remained unwavering since the inception of the internet: the unassuming website.

Exhibiting the highest level of credibility among alternative digital platforms, no other method enables the capture of interest, establishment of trust, and sustenance of connections with prospects and clients. In the context of business-to-business clients, where security and certainty are of utmost importance, a distinct strategy is requisite.

Websites providing services should adopt a leads-first approach. Direct transactions with customers rarely occur through the website, so it's crucial to showcase as many of your solutions as possible, presenting them in the most favorable manner.

In the process of casting a wide net, meticulous lead qualification becomes essential to foster productive business interactions. Subsequently, the secondary emphasis shifts towards the conversion process, typically involving a form in most service-oriented scenarios. Thus, maintaining a delicate equilibrium between swiftly qualifying leads and expediting the conversion process becomes paramount.

A smooth sales journey - from awareness to action.

Commencing from the homepage, all available services are promptly presented, offering an effective initial screening for prospective clients who visit the site. Subdued color tones and visuals related to transportation establish a sense of expertise, reinforcing the notion of secure deliveries.

The journey culminates at the contact page, urging the prospect to input their preferred transportation method, destination, route details, and other crucial particulars. This data furnishes JLR's internal procedures, enabling a binary decision based solely on the furnished information.

A full design of the website at https://jlrhaulage.com/