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Website Development for Small Businesses

With the dawn of the digital age, small businesses can't just rely on word-of-mouth and physical advertising. A well-tuned website is crucial, if not essential, to compete in a world where bountiful options are plenty and fleeting attention spans are common.

At Test Valley Digital, we specialise in small business web development, aiming to captivate, convince, and convert interested leads into customers. Not only do our designs look great, they perform well too, both in terms of technical metrics and commercial value. Our innovative subscription website plans mean we're more than a web design agency - we're partners. Our success is your success. Explore our web development services and find out how we can give your small business the room to dream big.

Why Choose Test Valley Digital

Throughout the digital era, many solutions have been developed to tackle the challenge of marketing. From email marketing to social media, none have endured and proven as effective as the humble website. Acting as your piece of digital real estate, no other solution allows you to discuss your services in more depth and provide your business with greater legitimacy than your website.

For that reason, why wouldn't you want the best there is?

With over a decade of experience in website development, we have the process of building websites down to an exact science. What's the process? Meticulously writing each line of code behind your website from scratch. We don't give a second thought to heavyweight pagebuilders and reused templates, we build your website from the ground up, with your business at the heart of what we build.

This approach lets us solve the unique challenges that small businesses face when in the market for a website.

No more fighting WordPress

Many businesses, when first getting set up, are often recommended Wix or WordPress as their provider of choice. However, businesses often find themselves running into limitations fairly quickly, either due to the overwhelming interfaces that these platforms use or the sheer frustration from not being able to build a website that feels "right".

No more creative struggles

We all want to stand out and give our website a unique flair. Unfortunately, no one taught us how to be a creative when signing up for "business". Thankfully, we've gone through the struggles of web design for you. Our website designers are masters of their craft, ready to create an on-brand, unique website that stays away from the sea of generic templates.

No more surprise fees

Businesses who give up in the fight against page builders may try an agency to rescue them from their worries. However, they may run into hidden fees, and exorbitant hourly rates for what otherwise would be a simple change.

We value transparency - which is why we're one of the few agencies brave enough to advertise their rates on their website. If you choose to partner with us with our full service website packages, you get everything included. The design, the code, hosting, domain, 24/7 support, unlimited edits, and so much more. And because you're a business, you can put our monthly fees down as an allowable business expenses. That makes your accountancy a little easier to plan and manage.

More About Us

It's All a Part of the Package

You read that last paragraph right - one monthly fee gets you the resources of an entire IT department. With our packages, you get the full treatment:

  • Website Design and Development: The website, designed and developed, from scratch, for no upfront fee.
  • Mobile-First, Custom Coded: 54% of web traffic comes from a mobile device. We build the website with these users in the front seat.
  • Unlimited Edits, Support and Maintenance: That's right, when we say unlimited, we mean it. We'll always be at hand if you want anything changed and take care of the day-to-day maintenance in the background.
  • Hosting and Domain: No more domains, put your best foot forward with super-fast hosting, 99.98% uptime, SSL certificate, and a custom domain.
  • Google Business Profile and Maps Setup: Add more legitimacy, expand your reach, and direct your users to any physical locations.
  • Dark Mode and Accessibility Testing: Everyone will be able to use your website. We test your website with the very assistive technologies in use by millions of disabled users.
  • Website Redesign Every 2-3 Years: Keep your website looking sharp and on-point. Our most esteemed clients will get a free website redesign every 2-3 years, depending on the package chosen.

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The Green Pagespeed Guarantee

A testament to the care and devotion we put into our work is the Green Pagespeed Guarantee. It's a promise, from us to you, that you'll be given only the fastest, most premium website possible. Otherwise, we have failed to do our job properly.

The basis of this guarantee lies within the PageSpeed Insights tool. The tool, created, owned, and maintained by Google themselves, analyses the speed and performance of a website, giving it a score out of 100 on four different metrics - performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. This provides a simple way to understand how "good" a website is - the higher you score on each metric, the better.

Our Green Pagespeed Guarantee promises that you'll score 90 or above in each of these metrics. This helps give you an edge in the competition against other small business websites, as a large majority of users nowadays won't return to your website if they've had a poor user experience. A faster website leads to higher user satisfaction, and, ultimately, higher chances of converting users into paying customers.

Our Happiest Clients

Proof Our Process Works

We don't just think our process works. Our extensive list of clients have shown that it actually does.

Take Submission Scoundrels Martial Arts Club. Starting off as a lowly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club renting space and taking classes out of other gyms, Submission Scoundrels have blossomed into a multi-disciplinary academy, hosting a range of classes out of their own Tidworth gym.

Part of this has been thanks to our holistic services, which have been a huge help to the owner, Chris Petherwick. Instead of fighting a losing battle against their old Wix website, Chris upgraded to an SEO-optimised, fully managed website with us, and has been able to spend more time on the mat instead of behind a screen. After allowing the site to mature for some time, Submission Scoundrels have had weeks where 5 new members have joined the club, all coming from the website. This week alone equates to an additional £300/mo in revenue for the club, vastly offsetting their monthly costs with us.

Submission Scoundrels are close to being our longest-serving client, and have been the first to benefit from the free website refresh that we offer every few years. Given the ever-changing landscape of technology, it's only fair that their website moves with the times, and has its extensive history commemorated in redesigns to come.

Ready to Begin?

No matter the size of your business or the industry you're in, we're happy to help you with any request you have. Get in touch via our contact page and we'll reach out for an introductory chat so we can see if we're a good fit for each other.

Still not sure if you'd benefit from a new website? We offer a free, no-obligations website audit where we'll look under the hood of your website to see if there's much room for improvement.

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