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Blessed and Redeemed

Taking their first steps into the eCommerce world, Blessed and Redeemed wanted our help to bring a belief steeped in tradition to a modern audience.

A mobile device showing the Blessed and Redeemed website

Casual, Christian Apparel


Blessed and Redeemed




Brand Strategy, Content, Design, Development, ECommerce


Showcase stock and provide e-commerce functionalities through a clean, modern storefront controlled from an intuitive admin panel


Blessed and Redeemed reached out to us seeking a resolution for their concept of a Christian streetwear brand. Striving to offer relaxed yet high-quality attire, their aim was to have a website that prominently reflects their values alongside their product line.

Despite stringent timelines and budgets, these constraints didn't hinder a meticulous scoping and planning stage. In circumstances where each moment and resource carries weight, it's vital to exhaust all avenues to preempt any unforeseen challenges. Given the store's initial straightforwardness, alongside future expansion aspirations, Shopify emerged as the preferred eCommerce platform. It furnished an intuitive backend for store administrators, while retaining the flexibility to opt for varied frontend architecture. This enabled a personalized presentation of their products, with design decisions that further underscored the brand's sanctified essence.

The 'Our Mission' section on the Blessed and Redeemed website, showing images of the team modelling their clothing.

Simple. Scalable.

Due to its versatile usability and continuously improving reputation as the eCommerce giant, Shopify emerged as the natural selection for Blessed and Redeemed. With a tight turnaround of just two weeks, the initial product range and categories were deliberately kept minimal, yet the choice of software was influenced by the future growth plans, necessitating adaptability.

Opting to dissociate the storefront from a Shopify template, and instead employing Shopify's Storefront API for backend communication, facilitated significant creative latitude during the development phase. This approach left very few restrictions on the design process. Despite these creative freedoms, a preference for simplicity remained, contributing to the serene ambiance derived from the brand's spiritual context.

The hero on the home page of the Blessed and Redeemed desktop website
A product detail page on the Blessed and Redeemed eCommerce website, showing a female modelA product detail page on the Blessed and Redeemed eCommerce website, showing a male model

Every Detail Considered.
Every User Valued.

Given the significant focus on the caliber and upscale impression of the Blessed and Redeemed collection, it was only equitable to afford ample space for the product's narrative to unfold. Dropdowns and supplementary information sections were generously integrated into the detail pages, their content conveniently adjustable through the Shopify backend. Effortless handling of scenarios without these extra embellishments allows for subtle diversification across pages, as determined by administrators.

Abundant, striking visuals bridge the gaps that can arise from a minimalist text approach. Ensuring full compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, up to an AA rating, was paramount, guaranteeing the website accommodates all users' needs.

A section on the Blessed and Redeemed website showing the family who own the webshopA product listing page on the Blessed and Redeemed website

Decreasing Complexity,
Increasing Results

When confronted with more stringent limitations, a typical course of action in eCommerce involves leveraging an array of libraries and frameworks to expedite development while upholding standard shopping functionalities with heightened interactivity.

However, Blessed and Redeemed adopted a genuinely framework-light approach, exclusively employing client-side libraries to elevate user experience through animations and carousels, rather than delivering conventional features. This approach solidified the project's base and minimized dependencies, resulting in websites that load swiftly - a crucial factor in a landscape where nearly half of individuals anticipate a load time of under two seconds.

A product detail page showing a black t-shirtA mobile view of the product listing page
A mobile phone showing a "philosophy" section on the Blessed and Redeemed websiteA detail page showing a female posing with a peach t-shirt on
The "about" section on the home page of Blessed and RedeemedThe owners of the family-run eCommerce store
The owners of Blessed and Redeemed stood in front of an autumnal landscapeThe contact page on the Blessed and Redeemed website
The Blessed and Redeemed team, wearing their clothing, in front of nature

Centralisation of Meaningful Content

Harnessing Shopify's exceptional product management features enables the retention of essential elements within easy reach, enabling simple and intuitive editing of product listings and detailed pages.

Non-commerce sections have been thoughtfully crafted with conversions as a focal point, requiring less frequent modifications. Immediate modifications to broader website pages can be swiftly accommodated, ensuring that assistance from an agency is perpetually accessible to Blessed and Redeemed.