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J4K Children’s Hairdressing

With no prior website presence, J4K had confidence in us to craft an online manifestation of their salon that perfectly matched their brand, effectively repositioning the business for a fresh target demographic.

The J4K website, shown on desktop

Providing a comfortable salon experience for all


J4K Children’s Hairdressing




Brand Strategy, Content, Design, Development


Provide the first website for the business, recognising the Special Needs audience that’s attracted to our salon


Nestled within Andover's Town Centre, J4K stands as a truly unique salon. Understanding the challenges some children face when getting a haircut, Sharon, the proprietor, aimed to translate this mission into the website's essence, all while capturing the salon's lively interior vibes.

Extensive deliberations took place to strategize the attainment of these dual goals. The salon's core mission finds expression through the "Children with Special Needs" page, an elaborate guide to assist anxious children in acclimating to the salon environment. The team's portraits were prominently showcased to foster a sense of familiarity. The graffiti-style logo served as a wellspring of inspiration, shaping the chosen typeface and vibrant visual elements.

The outcome materialized as a contemporary web layout that authentically resonates with J4K's youthful spirit. Embracing the principle of inclusivity, this undertaking prioritized accessibility, thus meticulous attention was devoted to the website's coding. To cater to enhanced visual requirements, a dark mode option was thoughtfully incorporated. By emphasizing textual elements and minimizing imagery, the site was primed for seamless performance and search engine optimization (SEO), effectively achieving the additional aim of sparking heightened curiosity about the salon.

A full design of the website at https://j4k.uk/

Created Bespoke, From Scratch

J4Ks logo

An exceptional hairstylist deserves a unique design, and this philosophy carried over into a meticulous development journey. To guarantee absolute creative latitude, each line of code was painstakingly crafted anew. Expanding beyond the basic HTML/CSS/JS toolkit, a static site generator (Eleventy) was harnessed, further enriched by the inclusion of templating (Nunjucks) and enhanced styling prowess (SASS).

Playful graphics on the J4K website

This methodology facilitates the reuse of website sections throughout the site, streamlining maintenance efforts and enhancing code efficiency. The utilization of Eleventy brought forth automated build processes, optimizing image assets during the build phase to extract maximum performance from the website, aligning with all of Google's performance criteria.

Evidenced by the abundance of favorable feedback, J4K stands as a bustling salon. Given the owners' time constraints, entrusting us with routine website upkeep became essential. Hence, it falls within our responsibilities to ensure the website adheres to the latest regulations, incorporates Core Vital updates, and follows best practices. The outcomes manifest in frequent engagement through the contact form and progressively climbing rankings on Google, spanning both local and county levels.

Testimonials on the J4K website, showing very positive feedback about the salon
An image of the J4K home page, with dark mode.Showcasing the J4K testimonials, in light mode
The about page, in light modeThe J4K website's contact form, in dark mode
A dark mode screenshot of J4Ks Team section, showing Sharon, the owner of J4KAn FAQ section on the J4K mobile website
The unique selling points, as shown on J4Ks websiteThe testimonial landing section on J4Ks page