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Submission Scoundrels

Submission Scoundrels, a grappling club based in Hampshire, has transformed from a modest startup into a thriving hub for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling enthusiasts. Their remarkable expansion, powered by Test Valley Digital's bespoke web solutions, exemplifies the synergy of passionate leadership and digital innovation.

A close-up view of Submission Scoundrels' website, showing the navigation and hero elements.

Running a club leaves me no time to manage a website


Submission Scoundrels




Content, Design, Development


Provide a holistic web service that supports Submission Scoundrel's expansion plans.


When Submission Scoundrels came to us, they were in the thick of their passion - teaching and expanding their martial arts community. However, their focus needed to be on the mat, and not behind a keyboard managing the complexities of a digital presence. Chris, the club's head coach, wanted a "set and forget" solution that could still compete with the many other martial arts clubs in Andover. That's where our specialized monthly plans came into play, perfectly aligning with their needs.

Creating the website posed a unique challenge - creating a digital space that was both welcoming and informative for all ages and backgrounds, reflecting the "martial arts for all" message that Chris wanted to get across. The vibrant, family-friendly nature of the club's community was applied to the website design, coupled with careful consideration of every word in the body of the website.

The diverse range of services provided by the club, from the various grappling styles on offer to group and individual coaching sessions, was presented in a clear, concise manner, inviting users to explore and engage with ease. Various calls-to-action are presented to the end-user, guiding them to read more about these services, and to reach out to take advantage of a free first class.

As Submission Scoundrels grew, adding a new dojo in Tidworth, our team was there, adapting and evolving the website in real time. This agility, coupled with our dedication to maintaining the club's brand integrity, ensured that its digital presence was always in lockstep with its physical expansion.

A full design of the website at https://www.submissionscoundrels.co.uk/