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Cali Fit - A Club Big on Community

Stuck with a Wix site that wasn't performing, coupled with a buggy, locked-in booking software, Cali Fit enlisted our help to reinvent their website and migrate the club to a new booking software.

A small calisthenics gym nestled within one of Andover's sprawling industrial estates, Cali Fit is a club that has big plans to grow its innovative hybrid-calisthenics classes to a diverse range of clients. Boasting all-levels and women's-only classes, the club needed a website, software, and an agency that could grow with them.

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A Heavyweight Website for a Community-Centered Club

  • ClassFit Set Up

    Stuck with Wix's proprietary software that was underperforming, Cali Fit trusted us with presenting a number of alternative booking softwares to choose from. Its wide range of features supports the club's needs and offers numerous booking options for members.

  • An Attention-Grabbing Offer

    Cali Fit's main draw is their "first class free" offer, which attracts new members to experience the close-knit community. We scattered CTAs across the site liberally, seamlessly integrating with the new ClassFit software, making it easy for new members to join.

  • Focused Class Pages

    Cali Fit is truly a club for anyone. With a range of all-levels and women-only classes to pick from, a set of sales pages were created for these classes. The aim was to fill these pages with high-traffic keywords to rank the pages as high as possible, letting the engaging copy within do the rest of the talking.

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Well-Received and Primed to Grow

The club owners praised the new software for its various features. With plans to expand their calisthenics classes into online coaching, the club now has technology that supports their growth instead of hindering it

The website also stayed true to the club's branding. We maintained the dark theme from the previous site, paired strategically incorporated graphical elements to increase page retention time, we ensured the club's messaging is clearly communicated to users.

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