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Thread the Gnar - Maine's Finest Embroidery Digitising Studio

While we're based in Hampshire, UK, our websites have a truly global reach. A prime example is Thread the Gnar, an embroidery digitising studio in Maine, USA.

Working with big names such as Shipyard Brewing and the Maine Celtics, the pressure was on to create a website that could "wow" the big guys. With digitising requests coming through the site and the need for an integrated client portal, Thread the Gnar required a flawlessly designed website, with no stitch awry.

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a responsive web development mockup of Thread the Gnar

Bringing the Digitisers Into the Digital Realm

  • Down-to-Earth Design

    One of the key requests during the scoping stage was to create a down-to-earth design, rich with earthy tones. The client provided an abundance of images, giving us a wealth of choice to select darkened, toned-down pictures that perfectly complemented the nature-inspired theme of the website.

  • Request Form

    Thread the Gnar needed more than just a standard contact form. They required an additional "Request Digitising" form to manage the high volume of requests they receive each month. As a popular digitising firm, we put Thread the Gnar onto advanced form handling to efficiently process over 100 requests per month.

  • Client Portal

    Much of Thread the Gnar's business comes from loyal, repeat clients. To enhance their experience, we developed a client portal where users can log in, view previous orders, and browse invoices. Integrating Stripe into the website was a seamless choice, given the studio's existing use of this payment platform.

an image from Thread the Gnar

A One-Stop Shop for Thread the Gnar's Ecosystem

While their previous Wix solution accommodated digitisation requests, it lacked the client portal that Test Valley Digital implemented. By partnering with us, Thread the Gnar chose an agency proficient in custom-coded web development, enabling complete developmental and creative freedom.

This approach allowed Thread the Gnar to move beyond the limitations of Wix. It facilitated the implementation of a client portal and a robust form-handling solution, capable of meeting the demands of a high-traffic studio.

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