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We are Test Valley Digital, a developing agency providing website development, e-commerce, brand strategy, and UI/UX design services.

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About our Capabilities

A well-structured and clear digital presence not only increases traffic but also helps visitors to understand the business, product, and service by combining text, images, and sometimes animations. As a result, a better user experience helps your business reach more clients.


Branding extends beyond a mere logo and slogan; it forms a unified representation that binds your enterprise across various platforms. This portrayal should encapsulate your fundamental principles, character, and aspirations, expressed both linguistically and visually. Ranging from your fundamental assets to interactions with clientele, your brand ought to radiate the distinctive essence that sets your business apart.

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Irrespective of your business strategy, we exhaust all efforts in establishing your brand identity, leaving no aspect unexplored. This groundwork establishes a robust basis for acquainting ourselves with your broader industry, identifying your distinct selling propositions, and strategizing their optimal application for success.

Finally, to maintain coherence while ensuring pragmatic design across various platforms, we extend our services to both the digital and physical realms, harmonized by a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. With a track record encompassing esteemed corporations such as Amazon, Ticketmaster, and Kettle Brand Chips, you can rest assured that your brand is being constructed upon established, proven, and validated methodologies which position you optimally for the best chance of success for the crucial objective of conversion.

UI & UX Design

Despite their similar abbreviations, UI and UX pertain to distinct facets of your online representation. User Interface (UI) pertains to the visual components of an application, whereas User Experience (UX) centers on usability. These two aspects should collaborate harmoniously to craft a pleasant and user-friendly encounter for individuals interacting with the your platform.

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Before a line of code is written, we embark on a process to guarantee a successful and delightful experience for all individuals engaging with your website, regardless of their user profile. We readily incorporate assistive technologies, including features like dark mode and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), into all our projects. Our meticulous accessibility testing is conducted using the very assistive technologies prevalent among today's users.

The outcome? An engaging interface accessible to everyone, anywhere, and at anytime.

With these foundational elements firmly established, our focus shifts to the brand strategy dimension of your website. Ensuring that your values and services are intricately woven into the design, and subsequently construct an enticing sales funnel, securing precise alignment between the right customer and the appropriate point of contact.


Transforming an on-brand design into a functional and high-performing website can be achieved through various methods. At Test Valley Digital, we take the distinct approach of crafting websites from scratch. By steering clear of standard page builders like Wix or WordPress in favor of embracing custom-coded techniques, we harness the essential elements of the web. Thus enabling us to meticulously fashion a uniquely tailored website that precisely aligns with your needs.

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Our comprehensive packages encompass website design, development, rapid hosting, limitless support, and an extensive digital assessment, all bundled into a single monthly fee. It is because of this thorough approach that we are able to streamline code, enhance accessibility, and offer the utmost creative and developmental freedom. Meanwhile, our process affords you the time and focus to efficiently manage your business. As a testament to our commitment, our esteemed clients can also enjoy a complete website revamp every three years, ensuring your online presence remains aligned with the ever-evolving technological landscape.

It is this methodology that gave birth to our Green Pagespeed Guarantee. Which assures that your website will consistently attain the highest rank in Google's Speed tests. While simultaneously ensuring that every element is meticulously optimized, every logo intricately vectorized, to extract the utmost performance from your website, down to the last millisecond.

This non-constraining philosophy opens pathways for supplementary website functionalities, such as a tailor-made content management system for pages requiring regular updates or internationalization support to serve users across diverse regions. In the end, there is no request is too ambitious, nor any enterprise is too modest.


For your brand’s online storefront, you need technology that remains aligned with the rapidly evolving realm of E-commerce. A space characterized by transient trends and rapidly fleeting attention spans necessitates a website capable of staying in sync with the dynamic demands of the market.

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Our thorough approach takes on an even higher dimension when it comes to commerce projects, as they present unique opportunities to leverage cutting-edge technology for a competitive advantage. For smaller businesses with a relatively static catalog, a "Headless" setup may prove beneficial. This involves decoupling the eCommerce platform—like Shopify or Magento—from the website, resulting in fewer scripts and enhanced website performance.

Businesses with more intricate requirements, demanding additional functionalities and larger, dynamic components, can benefit from bespoke Theme development, specifically tailored for platforms like Shopify. This tight integration of the front- and back-end accelerates website responsiveness, enabling swift changes.

Furthermore, we offer supplementary SEO and advertising services for those seeking to extend their product reach across the globe, accessing a truly expansive market.


We partner closely with industry-leading brands to deliver high-performing, impactful experiences for their customers, brand, and business.

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